Sprinkler Systems make for cleaner yards with no hoses to lug around. There are no worries on “if” we get rain and watering is more evenly distributed on your lawn. We also have a no dry spot or to wet of an area guarantee on systems we design and install.


Sunshine installs any make or model of your choosing. Rain Bird, Toro, and Hunter.  We aren’t particular. They are all a good system if installed properly. It boils down to a customer’s personal choice.


Tim is our Irrigation Specialist. Tim works in Irrigation Installations, Expansions, along with Maintenance of your system to ensure its working properly. No job is too big or too small. Tim is trained in Irrigation and holds licensing for testing your backflow devices.


Tim is very knowledgeable when it comes to sprinkler headcount and what size sprinkler heads you will need. Also, placement of the heads is key so you don’t end up with dry spots or too wet of areas as well


Pump size is a crucial component of your system. Pumping up a hill will require a different sized pump than pumping on a flat surface. Figuring out the pump/pipe size that is needed will help you to not over / under spend on a pump for your system. Once all of these components are put together your system will be 100% designed for your size of lawn. We want you the customer to be happy with your system; having peace of mind that your system will work for years to come. You can rest assured that Tim will pay close attention to detail with your system whether it’s a lake system, private well, or an in-town system.


Something to consider ……. when getting estimates on an irrigation system please compare all quotes.  In doing this step it will help you achieve the proper amount of sprinkler heads along with the correct number of zones to ensure your lawn is watered evenly. Comparing estimates will help you the customer understand the way your estimate was bid. Because not all irrigation systems are created equally.


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*** If you have questions on bid differences, please ask us.  We want you to be 100% happy with the way your system works. 


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