About Us

Sunshine Lawn & Landscape LLC is a family-owned company serving the North Central Lakes areas for 20 + years.  Bill and Stacey started Sunshine Lawn Care in 1994.  They believe that with hard work anything is possible thus creating our company, the most reliable lawn care company in the area.  After 20+ years we have changed our name to Sunshine Lawn & Landscape LLC.  We now offer a complete line of lawn services for the residential homeowner or the commercial business owner.  We believe by offering our customers one company that can “do it all,”  we will simplify people’s busy lives.  


Also note:  We want our customers to be happy with us and the services we provide. We do not ask you to sign contracts.  We prefer your word and our word to mean something ….(call us old-fashioned). We just ask that if you decide to cancel please give us the reason why so we are able to better our services. We also ask you to please notify us right away if you move or sell your home.  Our services will resume each season unless you have called to cancel.  This results in you never having to worry about the work getting done.  It also cuts down on notifying each customer as we know you are busy. Just one less thing for you, the homeowner to have to worry about   🙂


“Because a Beautiful Lawn Doesn’t Happen By Itself.”

Areas that we service include but are not limited to Walker, Park Rapids, Nevis, Akeley, Bemidji, Detroit Lakes, Brainerd, Whipholt, and everything in between. Some services are not available in all areas.  Call to find out more information!!

We have become the most reliable lawn and landscape company for ALL of your lawn care needs. With over 20 years in the grounds maintenance industry, we offer competitive pricing, great attitudes, reliability, and customer satisfaction that comes second to none. We strive to be the best company that we can be.

  • We offer monthly and ‘ala carte’ pricing. Residential / Commercial accounts.
  • We can custom tailor any package to meet your budgeting needs.
  • We are 100% insured and licensed and we offer estimates free of charge!


Full Line of Services

We offer a full line of year-round services that include but are not limited to:


Sunshine wants your time Up North to be the best it can be! Have peace of mind knowing that the work has been done for you. Your property will look great upon your arrival, whether it’s your year round home or cabin. We make sure that your time up north is stress and work free.  This allows for relaxation, enjoying your property and tending to what matters most.   


Meet Your Sunshine Team





Owner and operator of Sunshine Lawn Care since 1994 Bill attended Walker High School. He Operated Lawn Pro in Nebraska for over 5 years. Bill will be the one to talk to about any estimates for Mowing, Fertilizing, Hydroseeding, and other projects. He can look at your project and give you fresh ideas or tell you what kind of weeds you have and how to treat it. He can also talk to you about the PH levels in your soil or tweak your soil with lime or anything else it needs.  He likes to make your yard look the best it can… Bill likes to tackle the pesky weeds in your grass and make it green, healthy, thick, and weed-free. Bill likes to camp, snowmobile, spend time with friends, family and he loves to farm. He loves taking care of his herd of cows, plowing his fields, and making things grow for crops to feed his cows.






Co-owner of Sunshine Stacey is the one who will take your phone calls, schedule your work and takes care of any of your invoicing, pricing, payment questions in the office. “I feel very blessed to be able to do what we love and be able to serve the best customers around”. During the summer months we have different people helping in the office from time to time but if you have concerns /questions talk to Stacey. Stacey likes to camp, spend time with family, snowmobile, watch good volleyball, and use her camera to take pictures of any kind.  She graduated from WHA in 1987 and has grown up in the Walker area all her life.






Tim is our oldest child. He loves to be outside.  He knows all the ins and outs.   Timothy graduated from Nevis High School in 2008.  He went to Central Lakes College in Brainerd where he studied Horticulture, Landscaping, and Irrigation.  Timothy holds licenses for fertilizing and weed control.  Tim also won a design contest in 2012 from Central Lakes College and was placed in a Lawn Care Magazine where he won a $500 scholarship for his design.  He also is licensed to check your RPZ’s and PVB’s for your irrigation system.  Tim is married to Erica and has two boys Ryder and Corbin and are expecting their third this year.   If Tim can talk to you about irrigation he’s in his 7th heaven.  He also likes to talk about blocks, rocks, bushes, and walls.  In his spare time, Tim likes to go snowmobiling, plant things, hunt, farm, grow crops of any kind, tend to his flock of sheep and fish…just ask him about his monstrous perch that got away!






She is our middle child.  Karly was born into this business and knows all the ins and outs.  She graduated in 2013 from Nevis.  She is in her final year at Bemidji State University for Nursing.  Karly loves working outside, making your yard look the best it can.  Karly pays very close attention to detail.  She’s a great crew leader. I always know the job will be done right when she is there on the job. She also enjoys snowmobiling, playing volleyball, coaching, camping and going to concerts.






– She is our youngest child.  Taylor is also a native to Sunshine.  She graduated in 2014 from Nevis and also attends Bemidji State University for pre- med. She is on the BSU track team and loves to work out.   Taylor loves working with Irrigation Installations.  She’s very knowledgeable when it comes to what your system needs. Landscaping is another of her favorites. she has a very good eye at designing your project.  Taylor loves to play volleyball, gymnastics, camp and spend time with friends and family.






Started in 2014 as well. Colter attended Park Rapids High School.  He loves to be in the North Woods.   Colter has a love of hunting, fishing, riding four-wheelers and kicking back and having fun! He’s always up for anything…… Colter is super quiet but if asked something will do it no questions asked and always has a smile and a yes attitude!!  Colter loves making your yard look awesome! Colter is a great crew leader and remembers all the yards.  Colter never forgets things…   Colter is getting married this summer to Amanda. Congratulate him if you see him.  They have 3 dogs






Tyler started here in 2014. He graduated from Nevis High School.   He’s been a great crew leader and is always polite and professional. Tyler also knows a lot about landscaping and if he doesn’t know he will surely find an answer.  He isn’t afraid to get in the equipment of any kind. Its very second nature to him.   Tyler is self-motivated and works well with any of the crew members.   Tyler likes to snowmobile, ride a dirt bike, hunt, fish and he also likes to raise his herd of pigs. Tyler is married to Sara and has three boys.  Blake, Kohen, and Joshua.  Tyler has also served his country with pride and dedication and has recently moved back to MN making Akeley his home.   When you see Tyler tell him Thank you for serving our country.   Tyler is a go-getter and will leave your yard looking awesome!!






Jon does a lot of the fixing of equipment, oil changes, working on mowers, fixing trailers, etc.  Jon doesn’t mind getting dirty…You can tell him something once and he keeps busy and gets the job done right. He can hear if something doesn’t sound right.  If we have a problem, we take things to him and he can have it up and running in no time.  Jon also knows how to make your yard look great and will do it with no complaints.   Jon likes to hunt, fish, ride dirt bikes, ice race and have fun.  Jon is quiet until you get to know him. Jon is a lot of fun and is a great crew leader!!






Steve is Tim’s father in law and decided to make a change in his career to be closer to home after years of driving over the road.  Steve is a steady eddy and likes the irrigation aspect.  He is very polite and he is a perfectionist at what he does.     Steve also fits well with driving the dump truck and delivering your rock or dirt.   He likes cleaning and organizing and that is a definite must in the irrigation van.  He likes to take inventory and Steve isn’t afraid of hard work.  He’s responsible, a hard worker and respectful.  Our team is complete with him coming on.  Steve likes to ice fish, ride motorcycle, camp, ride a snowmobile and spending time with family.






Stan is retired and loves helping out.  Stan is our parts runner and if something breaks down he is always there to run something to any one of the crews.  He can drive a truck and trailer all over the place.  He is always willing to go with a moment’s notice.  You can also find Stan in a tractor or hanging at the shop with the guys shooting the bull.  Stan gets along with everyone and everyone is lost if he is not around to run and get things.  He is a treasure to have around and a timesaver for sure.






Justin is the new kid on the block this year with learning all the ins and outs of the lawn care industry. We’ve learned he catches on very quickly.  He is quiet but very polite and he never complains about anything.  He made it through the 90 degree days so I think he’s a keeper. He also found out he is good at Landscaping as well!  He listens to you and just goes out and works!!    Justin has a wife Kristin and two cute kids, Kylee and Kaleb.    He lives in Nevis.  We look forward to learning more about Justin and having him around for a long time.






Paul was our first employee 20 years back and worked for us for about 15 years.  He still remembers some of our yards and the Customers still remember him!  He is the first one at the shop getting mowers ready for the day.  Paul is not afraid of hard work and he will make your yard look its absolute best!  He’s very comfortable on a mower and not afraid of the trimmer.  Paul has two daughters, Ella and Norah. Paul likes to hunt and fish and can talk all day long about his stories.  It’s awesome to have him back !!

Sunshine Lawn and LandscapeSunshine Lawn and LandscapeSunshine Lawn and Landscape