Snow Removal

Sunshine Provides snow removal for the  Residential customer  along with the  Commercial Business.  

We offer the following:
  • Sidewalk snow removal on a monthly, seasonal or per push service
  • Residential Driveways
  • Commercial parking lots and sidewalks
  • Salting / Sanding driveways and sidewalks
  • Widening out driveways
  • Bobcat snow removal with snowblower ( resulting in smaller piles )
  • Sanding / Salting of parking lots
  • Shoveling

We watch the weather every night and generally check again about 2:30 am to prepare for the small snow fall or the occasional big storm. Our crews are out whether  its a weekend or Christmas Day. You will never be “stuck”.   In over 21 years we have NEVER missed a snow storm.  


Are done starting at 2”  of snow.  Have confidence in knowing you will be plowed out so you are never stuck!  Keep in mind that if its still snowing we will wait until the storm has passed. Sometimes on a big snow we will open up driveways so you can have access of your driveway and then we come back to clean them up.   

Commercial accounts:

Start at ¼” for downtown sidewalks and commercial lots are done at ¾” and on up depending on what the cutsomers requests are.  Keep in mind that our commercial sidewalks and most businesses are always done by 8am ( or before).  If its still snowing we will wait until the storm has passed to resume services.  

Bobcat services:

With a  snowblower on the Bobcat it will leave you with widened driveways  that are opened up more and can get into places that a truck cannot.  Bobcat with snowblower will also leave you with smaller piles.

For snow removal on commercial accounts we can put you on a monthly average that you pay a seasonal rate for the winter.  Ask for details.

Once again our goal is to make you happy.  We do not make the customers sign contracts. We just ask if you wish to cancel please call and notify us of that or if you move or sell your home.  


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