Brainerd Landscapers & Lawn Care

Sunshine Lawn & Landscape offers Brainerd Lawn Care & Brainerd Landscaping services year round.

Sunshine Lawn Care of Brainerd MN was started in 1994 by William and Stacey Drury, it is now one of the most reliable lawn and landscape companies in the Brainerd area. With over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential grounds maintenance, we offer competitive pricing, a great attitude, and reliability that comes second to none. We pay attention to the small details, letting your Brainerd property look the best it can look……..”Because A Beautiful Lawn Doesn’t Happen By Itself.”

Brainerd Minnesota offers a beautiful community with great neighbors and experiences make sure your yard and your landscape match the beauty of the area.

Brainerd Lawn Care Services

Our Brainerd lawn care services include fertilizing and weed control of your commercial or residential property. Sunshine Brainerd lawn care offers a complete Program of Fertilizing and Weed Control. Bill would be the guy to talk with on what your concerns are on your lawn and what it needs.  He is very knowledgeable when it comes to weeds and if he doesn’t know something he is sure quick to find out.

In addition to our custom lawn care options. We offer four schedule areas of fertilizing and weed control programs; Early Spring Preemerge, Early Spring Weed & Feed, Late Summer Weed & Feed, and the Winterizer program. These Brainerd lawn care options will keep your yard lush and healthy year round. Call 218-829-5296 or Request a quote now.

Landscapers In Brainerd

Our Brainerd landscaping crew pays close attention to every detail of your project. We offer contemporary landscape designs built by dedicated employees to last and wow your guests and customers.

Absolutely no cutting corners or “getting by” with our guys.  They will always go above and beyond when it comes to your yard. We like to listen to our Brainerd landscaping customers and hear what they are envisioning and also see their smiles when their plan is complete.

Design / Implementation is critical…. we will always make a phone call to you the homeowner if a problem should arise beyond our control, or plans need/want to change.

We would love to help you possibly making suggestions along the way if needed.  Maybe something that will be more cost-effective or bring more curb appeal.  Ultimately it is your lawn and we want you to absolutely love every aspect. Whether your needs are something small, a remodel of your current landscape or starting with new construction we have all of your needs covered and would love to be able to help beautify your Park Rapids landscape!

Need our help with Lawn care in Brainerd or ready to start a Brainerd landscaping project? Give us a call at 218-732-5296 today or request a quote now.